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"It was so embarrassing being strapped in a pick-up truck sitting on a Harley riding down Hollywood Blvd for the close-up shots."

The very next day I signed up for the motorcycle safety course and ordered a Sportster from Glendale Harley. It arrived just in time to attend the 'Love Ride' and off I went. I loved it so much I thought, why didn't I do this sooner? There is nothing better than the thrill and the sound of a motorcycle!"

"I love working in the motorcycle industry. I always look forward to going out to as many events as possible and meeting with the fans who watch American Thunder. After all, if it weren't for the fans, I probably wouldn't have lasted this long in the industry. They are my supporters and I love to hang out and talk with as many of them as I can. The look on their face is priceless when they reach out to shake my hand and I hug them instead!"

"Working in this industry enables me to test ride many different motorcycles and its nice to be able to have that opportunity."

"When I attend an event I never know what bike they will have waiting for me. Usually I say that I will ride whatever they throw at me, but safety is my first concern. If it's a bike that I'm not comfortable riding I just might hesitate a little more, after all, there is that waiver I'm usually ask to sign."

"Hanging out with the builders that I meet at the shows is definately a real treat. These guys are a lot of fun and I think that most have accepted me now."

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