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"In the beginning they thought I was just another bimbo hosting a TV show and that I couldn't ride a bike or that I didn't care much about the motorcycle industry. After all, I was the only female host on Speed Channel in the early years when most of the other shows were hosted by men."

"I have a lot of respect for the builders that have been in this industry a long time. They are the "real" thing. These are the guys that have dedicated their lives to building motorcycles because they love doing it. They have worked hard to get to where they are today and when they started they didn't have the advantage of using TV to get their name and product out there like the younger guys do now."

Michele's other interests are designing . She has a line of lingerie called "Jeweled G's" which is a G-string with jewelry that can be detached from the panty and worn as a necklace. She is most likely the only person you know that has a utility patent on a G-string! A few years ago her designs were sold in Victoria's Secret.

Recently she started "No Needles Tattoo" which is a t-shirt that gives the illusion of having tattoos on your arm. There is now also a matching thong so one can have the illusion of a tattoo on the lower back without the pain of a needle.

"Designing is a hobby and I love it. I have a lot of ideas for women's clothing especially for the motorcycle market but finding the time is something else right now. Eventually I hope to have my creations in motorcycle shops everywhere!"

"Hey, what's the most fun YOU'VE had? "


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